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Simple Shoes

In Crafts on 07.30.09 at 9:00 am

simple shoes

My dad loves shoes. He can’t even keep track of how many pairs of shoes he owns, definitely more pairs than what’s in my closet. A while ago, he purchased this pair of Simple shoes. It’s a kit to make your own shoes. The shoe on the left is the final product. The pieces to the right of that are parts.

Although the kit came with instructions on a DVD, my dad wasn’t able to match up the holes. So he asked me for assistance.

Super comfortable and environmentally friendly shoes. Visit Simple’s shoes website to learn more about it.


Ribbon Board

In Crafts on 07.27.09 at 9:00 am

Bulletin Board

My parents gave me back an old cork bulletin board I had on my wall in my bedroom in high school. The cork was frail and I had written stuff all over the frame with a permanent marker. Not wanting to toss the board, I covered it with quilting padding and a cute fabric. Then I stapled ribbons crisscrossing over the front of the board. Finally, I used twisted pins for furniture to tighten the ribbons where it met and glued buttons to cover the twisted pins. A quick and simple makeover and now it is hanging in Kaye’s room.

Lace On

In Crafts on 07.22.09 at 9:00 am

I bought a dress from Target on clearance for $6. However, the dress was a bit too short for my liking. And come to find out, a dear friend of mine bought the same dress but a different color. To fix that, I whipstitched a lace trimming to the bottom while watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. Love that show!



Animal Series: Elephants & Peanut

In Crafts on 07.14.09 at 9:00 am


Nice little zippered peanut to hold these circus elephants. Unlike the mice and cheese where the cheese were made out of felt, I sewed the peanut.

Animal Series: Mice & Cheese

In Crafts on 07.13.09 at 9:00 am

My grandma made these for her grandchildren years ago. Many of them still have it saved for their children to play with. I got the patterns from her to make them for my kids. There are several different types… hence the series part of my title.

They work well because it comes contained. Great quiet toys for the car or church. My Kaye loves playing with them. Lately, she has been pretending the mice are Jaque and Gus from Cinderella. IMG_6901


Wild Wild West

In Crafts on 07.9.09 at 11:05 am


I’m not the Western type of gal. So I wasn’t sure about making bandana skirts since the only thing I have used bandanas for was to blindfold in games. I thought I would give it a try since I found bandanas for 50 cents each. I think they turned out pretty cute and not too Western-ish. I used a white bed sheet from the thrift store as the trims. The only thing I forgot to do was prewash the bandanas. Oh well, they still turned out fine after I washed it.



P.S. I got the idea from Vanessa’s blog. She has the cutest stuff.

Crochet Hair Clips

In Crafts on 07.2.09 at 8:00 am

Dipping my toes into crocheting, I learned I love crocheting cute flowers. It was so easy to make and only takes a few minutes… if it’s uninterrupted minutes. I attached the flowers onto alligator clips for my girlies. Then I made matching pink and white ones for Kaye and Elle’s matching Easter dresses back in April.




My New Excitement

In Crafts on 06.30.09 at 10:57 pm

Last week Hobby Lobby had McCall’s patterns on sale, 99 cents each. I had to check it out. I was a pattern virgin, but I quickly figured out the works – look in the catalogs, write down pattern number, look for it in the drawers. It took me a few minutes to come to the conclusion that although the catalogs had different covers by the same brand, it had the same contents.

I also had the privilege that day to shop by myself, without two curious kids in tow. So I took some time to browse through the catalogs, then narrow down my choices. I felt this was a beginning of something great in my life. I was going to learn to sew with patterns and learn a bit about how clothes came together. First I had 12 patterns on my list, then eliminated half. However, only five were in the drawers. They sold out on a cute purse pattern. Luckily, my next stop was JoAnn and they matched prices. I got the last pattern for the same price as the others.

Of course, when I got home, I called my grandma for an appointment to take Pattern Reading 101. I’ll list my patterns on this week’s Friday 5 at 5.

It’s Going Around

In Crafts on 06.30.09 at 9:12 pm

Back in April Dana from the Made blog posted a tutorial for turning men’s dress shirts into adorable dresses for girls. What a fabulous idea. I had to try it out for myself. I am amazed by the things people can come up with. I absolutely loved the idea of reusing men’s shirts.

The shirt I used for Kaye was a $2 XL shirt from the thrift store. I had to find a pink shirt since she will only wear pink. Kaye’s dress was also my first attempt at applique. Not bad, but not good either.


The shirt I used for Elle was a Polo shirt from my dad. It had a large rip on one of the side seams.