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Sketching a Cake

In Food on 07.29.09 at 9:00 am

Our Kaye is turning 3 at the beginning of August. She has been requesting a pink Disney princess cake. She saw one at the grocery store and wanted one. I’m not purchasing the one from the store because it’s $60 for little cake and lots of plastic decoration. Plus I’m not a big fan of store bought cake. Too much frosting for my taste.

So I came up with an idea. For my birthday this year, I attempted an ice cream cake. It turned out gigantic, but delicious.

ice cream cake

Since Kaye is a pink princess, I will probably bake a strawberry cake, use vanilla ice cream as the middle layer and strawberry ice cream as the frosting. Then how about adding ice cream cones at each corner and use a cream cheese frosting to draw doors and so forth. Perhaps decorate it with Skittles or M&Ms? Any suggestions?

  1. Do you remember the princess castle cake we made for Mary’s girls last year? It was pretty easy and really girly! I’m sure she has pics somewhere.

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