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Learn From a Pro: National Geographic

In Learn from a Pro on 07.21.09 at 9:00 am

There’s no hiding that I am an amateur when it comes to photography. I’m not completely delinquent as I have had experience working on the newspaper and yearbook staff in high school, taken a beginners college photography class, and worked briefly with a wedding photographer as the go-to girl. But now that I am graduating from a simple point and shoot camera to a DSLR, I checked out a book from the library that looked interested. National Geographic: The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography will teach anyone how to take a good photograph. And even if you are a decent photographer, it has chapters on advanced techniques, taking great pictures with a camera phone, digital darkroom, and archiving. I am loving this book!

  1. i’m going to read this book because i am wanting to learn how to use my canon rebel better, i think i’m going to take a class this fall too. =) thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I’ve read a hundred and 1 books about photography and have been using an Digital SLR for quite some time. Any questions you have just ask, although it sounds as if you’d be well versed already 😉

  3. Oh just checked the all time photography source of ken rockwell ( and it looks like you got a really great camera.

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