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Finally Decided

In Photography on 07.8.09 at 9:00 am

After days of researching and shopping around online for a great deal, I finally decided on a camera. I looked at all the Canon Rebels and Nikon D series. When it came down to purchasing, it turned out to be quite the ordeal.

At first, I tried to purchase a Nikon D40, but the deal didn’t come through. Next, I ordered another Nikon D40 from another site. When I got the confirmation email, it said the camera was on backorder. I called to company to see when they expected it in and they had no idea. So I canceled the order and looked for yet another deal. I found an much better deal at a different site- it was the whole package with lens, memory card, tripod, camera bag, so on and so forth. When I Googled the site’s name for reviews, everyone gave it horrible reviews and had several complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Forget it.

I was just about to give up when I saw the best deal of all. Canon EOS Rebel T1i. I was just looking for a basic SLR camera to transition me from a point and shoot to SLR. But the deal made it irresistible. The T1i has HD video recording built into the camera.

I purchased a Canon Rebel T1i and a Canon PIXMA Pro9000 MkII Printer and qualified for a $400 rebate. Since we’re not interested in the printer, we’re going to sell it to help with the cost of the camera. Essentially, we would be getting a $900 camera for $450. Check in my Amazon store if you are interested.


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