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In Photography on 07.1.09 at 10:29 am

I have been secretly coveting a SLR digital camera for a long time. I’ve been looking at them in the stores, researching them online, and envying of other bloggers’ better quality photos. Finally, yesterday a great deal popped up for a Nikon D40. Then Nathan sold some gadgets we had around the house to the point where we can get a $500 camera for about $150.

I spent my free time yesterday researching Nikon SLR cameras. Today, I’m going to look into Canon Rebels. I have used both brands of cameras before, but they were the older versions. I have a Canon Rebel film camera that is in mint condition, but it’s film. I haven’t touched it in years. So anyone with some digital camera advice or reviews, please leave me comments. Also, if anyone is interested in a film Canon Rebel, let me know.

  1. We have the D60 & love it. It is a pain to carry around such a bulky camera – but after spending $500 on a few different point & click cameras and not getting the picture quality I wanted, it seems necessary to lug around the huge camera.

  2. Tiffany,
    Courtney got me a Nikon D40 about 2 years ago and I simlpy love this camera. Its just advanced for me to take my photography past amateur, but no so complicated that I don’t know what half the features do.

    Interchangable lenses, gorgeous photo quality, big bright back screen. I love mine and I recommend that one for you. I recommend this site also – great overall camera resource.

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